PAPERLESS Employee Benefits Management

We can take employee benefits management to a higher level via the Web. An Internet-based suite of tools for HR professionals offers simplified administration and employee access to electronic enrollment in their benefits. The result? Administrative cost savings and greater efficiency. Users enjoy significant increases in accuracy and dramatic reduction in processing time. This efficient solution allows real time access to benefits information for HR and employees and eliminates the need for tedious paperwork and manual data entry.

Paperless Features!

Real-Time Access to Information for Both Administrators and Employees
Real-time access keeps administrators and employees up-to-speed with information that is updated 24/7.

Gatekeeper Authority
A group administrator approves all data, including enrollments and changes before it is transmitted to the carrier.

Eligibility Tracking
Manages and calculates eligibility and effective dates for new hires according to each group's unique rules. This yields a much higher accuracy rate than is possible with paper forms.

List Bill Audit Service
To ensure accuracy of carrier invoices, analysts regularly audit carrier billings with the enrollment data in the system.

Hidden Paycheck
Employers can quickly generate graphic and spreadsheet reports of an employee's total compensation package- including annual earnings and employer paid benefits.

COBRA Tracking
With this feature, administrators can track employees in real-time to manage notifications and billing for COBRA policies.

Annual Benefit Reviews
Our business clients receive an annual employee benefits analysis and review including recommendations for changes based on an employer's evolving business plans.

Personalized Benefit Statements
We work closely with employers to provide attractive and easy-to-read statements with specific information designed to increase employee awareness, understanding and appreciation of their benefits package.

Customized Enrollment Services
We conduct enrollment meetings designed to educate and motivate your employees to participate in and take advantage of the benefits you provide.

Plan Design & Implementation
Every employer has a unique set of circumstances, which dictate an employee benefits design. Some plans are designed to minimize employer expense while others may be designed to maximize employee satisfaction.

Benefit Administration Outsourcing
Our Administration service allows us to become an extension of your Human Resources department. We become your liaison between your insurance carriers, administrators and employees. We are full service, assisting in the actual communication and enrollment of all your benefit programs, solving claim issues, input of eligibility updates with your carriers, providing Cobra and HIPAA notification. We make certain your employees are covered in a timely manner and are aware of all available benefits.

Section 125/Cafeteria Plans
We have experience with both Premium Only Plans and Spending Accounts. Section 125, or Cafeteria plans, provide tax breaks for employees and employers in three well known areas, (1) Premiums paid for employee contributions, (2) Health Care Spending Accounts and (3) Dependent Care Spending Accounts. Employees who participate in these plans save FICA, Federal and State Tax on the dollars routed through these plans and the employer saves on the required FICA match.

Outsourcing COBRA Administration service makes a great deal of sense, both in terms of the time it can save your HR department and the liability that is mitigated when it is handled by professionals. We can provide our services on as small or broad of a scale as desired. Providing this services keeps our clients abreast of changes in the law and in compliance with the many changing aspects and deadlines required by this Federal legislation. As your COBRA Compliance partner we take over the COBRA administrative details for you at the time of the COBRA qualifying event. Our service performs the notification, billing, and tracking required in COBRA Administration.


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