How Do I Insure My Collections?

Specific and comprehensive coverage for your collection can be underwritten as part of your Homeowners’ policy. We can secure custom policy language and specialized limits to insure your valuable collection is well protected.

As part of our Homeowners application process, we will request detailed information about your collection so your insurance program will separate the value of your collection and provide exclusive coverage limits.

Who Should I Contact to Get Coverage or Ask Questions?

To get started with the quoting process please complete the application under the Homeowners Insurance section. Or you can contact Moira McNeill at 415.257.2125 or at

Who should I contact for an appraisal?

To review a list of recommended appraisers, please see the toolbar to the right and click on Recommended Appraisers for contact information.

CSI represents several insurance companies that specialize in tailored insurance programs to meet the needs of your collectibles. Click the buttons below to view special considerations to be made with various types of insurable collections.

+ Click each icon to show information about special considerations.

Wine Collections

Wine enthusiasts know the rewards of owning a collection: nurturing a bottle for years, anticipating its peak and, at last, savoring the fruit of the vine. Unfortunately, some bottles won’t make it that far. Fragile bottles can break. Basement cellars can flood. Refrigeration systems can malfunction. This just shows it’s important to protect your “liquid assets”!

We can work with you to offer precisely the level of coverage you require. Depending on the extent of your collection, you may choose one overall coverage limit or address bottles individually.

In addition, we will pair you with an insurance company that can offer extensive risk management resources and tools to help you protect your collection before a loss happens.

Miscellaneous Collections

Whether your collection started with a deliberate plan or simply because an object caught your eye, you realize that managing and caring for your treasured items means more than just deciding where to put them. Regularly, you are faced with decisions that impact your collection. Perhaps you want to move some objects to another home, place part of your lot into storage to make room for new additions or learn how to safely display your piece. Or maybe you are simply interested in learning more about your collection.

We understand your passion and the challenges that accompany it. We can help you insure your precious collection, whether it’s antiques, rare stamps, photographs, decorative arts or memorabilia. This expertise and experience, along with a general desire to better serve our customers who collect, has enabled us to develop this site with your needs in mind.

We know that proper stewardship means more than just buying an insurance policy. We are excited and pleased about providing you with information from leaders in the field as well as tools and contacts to help you manage your collection.

Jewelry Collections

Jewelry collectors with extensive collections need to be aware that homeowners insurance, though it typically provides some coverage for home contents, has many limitations.

To secure the broadest coverage available, consider valuable articles coverage. This type of insurance policy allows you to “itemize” your jewelry, so that each piece is separately described and individually valued. This way, if your jewelry is stolen or damaged, you have coverage for each item and not just a blanket “home contents” dollar limit. Having a replacement-cost appraisal of your collection can help you itemize your jewelry and select the appropriate amount of coverage.

You also should be aware that many insurance policies don’t cover items lost due to “mysterious disappearance.” If you regularly wear items in your collection in public, a loose stone or broken clasp could easily lead to such a loss. We will make sure the policy you select will help protect you in these situations.

Fine Art Collections

As a collector of fine art, you are more than just the owner of your valuable items--you also are the caretaker. Purchasing valuable articles coverage is one of the best ways to help protect your financial investment in fine arts.

Insurance, together with proper risk management techniques, will help protect and care for your fine art. Proper evaluation of coverage along with an up to date appraisal will enable us to craft a policy that meets your needs and provides the essential coverages to guard your valuable art from physical damage.

Many of the insurance companies we represent provide additional services to increase your fine art protection. Some of the services can include: appraisal discounts, vulnerability assessments, oversight of packing and storage, as well as disaster planning.

Coin Collections

How often have you read about the theft of valuable collections from a home or office or even while on exhibit? It’s important to have proper insurance in place that protects you against hazards to your collection such as fire, storm or other natural calamity. Whether you keep your collection at home, in a private safe, or in a bank vault, you can protect it and provide extra protection for special pieces in the collection when they are individually listed.

Did you know? The standard Homeowner's, Condominium or Renter's Insurance Policy, unless endorsed, can limit the coverage for "loss of money, bank notes or numismatic property" to a maximum of $250.

Many collectors are not aware of this limitation and may believe they automatically have complete coverage on their own collection just because they have Homeowner's Insurance. Do not be misled! Unless you have made specific arrangements, your collection could be drastically underinsured.



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