Individual Health

How Do I Get Individual Health Benefits?

CSI in conjunction with RealCare offer individual health insurance programs.

Who is RealCare?

RealCare is dedicated to providing Individual and Group Benefits, and is the endorsed Benefits Broker for C. A. R.

Don’t Want to Do the Research?

Please call RealCare directly at 800-939-8088 ext 202, and don’t forget to mention you came from the CSI website.

What is Disability and Long Term Care?

Long-term care is the kind of assistance you need when you lack the capacity for self-care due to chronic illness, disability or cognitive disorder. Services can include in-home care, as well as nursing or community based care.

Disability Insurance protects your income in the event of a prolonged sickness or injury.

How must do these products cost?

The cost of care in the future will be much higher than it is today. California healthcare rates increased at an average rate of over 5% per year during the past twenty years¹ and are likely in the future to continue to increase by at least 5% per year. A 5% annual increase means a year of care that costs $50,000 today will cost twice that amount in 14 years, or $100,000 a year!



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