Office Package


Bill owns the building in which he runs his computer store. A fire occurred, and not only was Bill’s building damage, but a lot of the pre-packaged software and computer equipment was destroyed. The contractor assigned by the insurance company, informed Bill, that it would take 3 months before Bill can return to his building to continue his normal business operations. In order for Bill to get his business up running immediately he had to find a temporary location to rent and stock, which took him 2 weeks to do. During those two weeks Bills employees were out of work. The insurance company not only paid for the repair of the building and replaced all of the business personal property and inventory that was originally destroyed in the fire, but they also reimbursed Bill for the loss of business he suffered during the two weeks he was out of business, the extra expense he endured by renting at another location for 3 months and for the employees wages that were lost for the 2 weeks it took him to find a temporary location.

General Liability

An independent consultant is provided a workspace at the company's office or visits the company's office on a regular basis. During his working in or visiting the company's office the contractor accidentally damages computer facilities. As per the terms of the contract, the contractor is liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment. Provided he carries a Commercial General Liability policy, the insurer will pay the amounts on his behalf. The hiring company is considered a third party.

A computer company coins a slogan, which is used in a commercial. A third party alleges that the computer company’s use of the slogan violates the third party’s copy write on a similar slogan.

A software developer is served with a lawsuit charging trade libel based on defamatory comments made by one of its senior programmers in an Internet chat room.

A computer in the office you are renting short circuited and caught on fire. The fire spread and damaged part of the office. Since it was your computer, which started the fire, you are liable for the damages.


Your business includes sales persons traveling to other states. One sales person flies to Dallas and rents a car. While driving to an appointment they get into a car accident. The driver of the other car is injured, as well as both cars. The business auto policy will cover the damage to both cars, as well as the medical attention to the other driver.


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