PAPERLESS Employee Benefits Management

We can take employee benefits management to a higher level via the Web. An Internet-based suite of tools for HR professionals offers simplified administration and employee access to electronic enrollment in their benefits. The result? Administrative cost savings and greater efficiency. Users enjoy significant increases in accuracy and dramatic reduction in processing time. This efficient solution allows real time access to benefits information for HR and employees and eliminates the need for tedious paperwork and manual data entry.

Paperless Features!

Real-Time Access to Information for Both Administrators and Employees
Real-time access keeps administrators and employees up-to-speed with information that is updated 24/7.

Gatekeeper Authority
A group administrator approves all data, including enrollments and changes before it is transmitted to the carrier.

Eligibility Tracking
Manages and calculates eligibility and effective dates for new hires according to each group's unique rules. This yields a much higher accuracy rate than is possible with paper forms.

List Bill Audit Service
To ensure accuracy of carrier invoices, analysts regularly audit carrier billings with the enrollment data in the system.

Hidden Paycheck
Employers can quickly generate graphic and spreadsheet reports of an employee's total compensation package- including annual earnings and employer paid benefits.

COBRA Tracking
With this feature, administrators can track employees in real-time to manage notifications and billing for COBRA policies.


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