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Venture Capital Liability

What is a Venture Capital Liability Policy?

This type of policy offers venture capital and private equity firms an effective, comprehensive way to transfer and mitigate many of
their most significant liabilities by combining four coverages into one policy:

- Management Liability Insurance
- Management Indemnification Insurance
- Outside Directorship Liability Insurance
- Professional Services Liability (Errors and Omissions)   Insurance

What Limits should I buy?

There is no firm answer about how much venture capital liability coverage a company should purchase. It is very difficult to buy enough insurance to adequately cover all possible losses. The goal is to try to purchase a reasonable amount of coverage based upon operations and perceived risks. Two major factors contribute to a company’s level of risk:

- The general size of the organization. The bigger the
   company the bigger the target.

- The number of employees and the potential for
   employment liability claims.

Why should I buy it?

The Venture Capital Liability policy effectively addresses the needs of many types of private investment firms that manage other types of funds, including:

- Small business investment company funds
- Corporate-sponsored funds
- Fund of private equity/venture capital funds
- Distressed debt funds
- Mezzanine debt funds
- Government-sponsored funds


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